The organizers of this year’s conference also have strived to bring you the maximum information possible. The breadth and depth of the information again this year is expected to be a definite best value for all of us.

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Working Agenda UAS TAAC 2016 (as of 12/07/2016)

Monday: December 12, 2016

2:00 pm

Registration Opens

6:00 pm



Tuesday: December 13, 2016

8:25 am

Presenting the Colors


Keynote Presentation:

RADM Mark Darrah, Program Executive Officer for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons, USN


Distinguished Speaker: Army UAS Portfolio Review

COL Courtney Cote, PM UAS, Program Executive Office for Aviation


Distinguished Speaker: U.S. Customs and Border Protection MQ-9 Operations and the Way Forward

Erik Soykan, Director, Air Operations, National Air Security Operations HQ, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations, DHS


Update on the Transport Canada UAS Operations in support of the National Aerial Surveillance Programs (NASP) in the Arctic

Fernando Mojica, Project Director for UAS, Transport Canada


Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Comparing International Trends in Research against Commercial Manufacturers

Eric Swanson, Aviation Technical Analyst, Argonne National Laboratory


Session: State-of-the-Art RDT&E for UAS

Moderator: Rob Heilman, President VQuest


Multi-Monitor Real Time Assurance to Certify Unmanned/Autonomous Systems

Mark Skoog, Manager, Multi-Monitor RTA Research, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center


Challenges for Testing in an Autonomous Environment

Chris Paust, Program Manager, OSD, Central Test & Evaluation Improvement Program, Test Resource Management Center


New SARP Progress/Accomplishment

Dallas Brooks, Director Raspet Research Lab, Mississippi State University and Ted Lester, Lead Systems Engineer, MITRE


Session: Enabling Technologies and Considerations for B/E VLOS

Moderator: Henry Cathey, Deputy Director, NMSU/PSL


Weather for UAS Operations LOS and Beyond

Matthias Steiner, Deputy Director, Aviation Applications Program, National Center for Atmospheric Research


What Can You Do with Added Power?

Jason Minnich, Manager, Business Development, Alta Devices


Enabling BVLOS Today

Kevin Nasman, Lead Systems Engineer, Gryphon Sensors

6:00 pm


6:45 pm



Wednesday:  December 14, 2016

8:00 am

Keynote Speaker: FAA UAS Integration

Marke F. “Hoot” Gibson, Senior Advisor for UAS, FAA


NASA UAS in the NAS Program

Davis Hackenberg, UAS in the NAS Integration Manager, NASA


Panel: ASSURE R&D Progress

Moderator: Nick Lento, FAA, Division Manager, FAA


R&D Status

Kurt Carraway, Kansas State University, A1:  Certification Test Case to Validate sUAS Industry Consensus   Standards, A5:  UAS Maintenance Requirements

Mark Askelson, University of North Dakota. A2: sUAS Detect and Avoid Requirements Necessary for Limited Visual Line of Sight Operations

Luis Gomez, Wichita State University, A3:  UAS Ground Collision Severity Evaluation

David Arterburn, University of Alabama Huntsville, A4:  UAS Airborne Collision Severity Evaluation

Henry Cathey, New Mexico State University, STEM Outreach

Marty Rogers, Mississippi State University, ASSURE


ASTM F-38 – sUAS Standards and Certification

Ted Wierzbanowski, ASTM Committee Chair


Panel: FAA Test Sites

Moderator: Robert Pappas, FAA


      Chris Walach, Nevada


      Mark Blanks, VA Tech


      Nicholas Flom, North Dakota


      Jerry Hendrix, Texas A&M


      Cathy Cahill, PhD, Alaska


      Scott Brenton, NY


      Dennis Zaklan, NMSU


Session: Pathfinder Initiative for sUAS BVLOS

Moderator: Robert Pappas, FAA


CNN—Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) Operations in Urban Areas: Flights Over People

      Paul Rumberger, UAS Pathfinder Focus Area One Program Manager, FAA


      Precision HawkExtended VLOS Operations in Rural Areas

      Tyler Collins, Managing Director, LATAS and Airspace Safety, Precision Hawk and Gemechu Gelgelu, Manager of Aviation and Rules, FAA


      BNSF Railroad—Beyond VLOS Operations in Rural/Isolated Areas

      Todd Graetz, BNSF Technology Services and Michael Guterres, MITRE


Instant Delivery!

Lawrence Williams, Head, U.S. Business Development, Zipline


Closing Comments

6:00 pm


6:45 pm



Thursday:  December 15, 2016 (Selected Listing)

7:30 am

Load Buses for Transport to Classified Facility


Welcome: Sandia Instructions, Security, and Administrative Matters

Kurt Sorensen, Manager, SAR Sensor Technologies Department, Sandia National Laboratories


An Introduction to Counter UAS

Thomas Baker, CEO, Shavano Prime Solutions, LLC


Update on Worldwide UAV Proliferation: New Innovations, Developments, and Counter Implications

U.S. Government


Title: To be released

George Flick, Technical Director, NRO


China—Pushing the Envelope on UAV Designs

U.S. Government


Congressional UAS View: As Is and To Be

Stephen Traver, Legislative Fellow


Counter Radio Operations and Navigation of Unmanned Systems (CHRONUS)

SQNLDR Edgar Gonzalez, Joint Navigation Warfare Center


Beachcomber Longwave Infrared (LWIR) Polarimatric Imaging (PI)

Steven Majeske, Raytheon

4:30 pm

Buses return


This agenda is subject to change without notice.

More information regarding the schedule and speakers will be posted shortly.  The UAS TAAC conference check-in will begin Monday, December 12th at 2:00 pm.